Plenary Lectures

Kenneth A. JACOBSON 

NDDK – Laboratory  of  Bioorganic  Chemistry Bethesda,  MD  20814

Breakthroughs in GPCR structural biology and their impact on computer-aided drug design

Alessio CIULLI 

ChemMedChem Lecture

Division  of  Biological  Chemistry  and  Drug  Discovery School  of  Life  Sciences, University  of  Dundee

Inducing protein degradation with small molecules: How Protacs work

David  E.  LEAHY 

Gibhill Farm Macclesfield, UK

Artificial Intelligence. Not just another Tool in the Toolbox


 Department of Chemistry – BMC & Science for Life Laboratory Uppsala University, SE-751 23 Uppsala, Sweden

Implementing molecular interaction kinetic analysis for drug discovery


Department  of  Bioscience, Università  degli  Studi  di Milano

Integrated Structural Biology: approaching infectious and degenerative diseases